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Taulman t-glase PETT Clear 1.75mm

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Taulman T-Glase PET Co-Polymer

Ttaulman3D has released another high strength material. One for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers. This new material is called t-glase (tee glass) short for tough glass. 

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Taulman3D has now released its low temperature, high strength industrial t-glase filament line into the desktop 3D printing community. T-glase, which is short for tough glass, is a specially engineered high strength industrial 3D printer filament for users that print with PLA or lower temperature desktop 3D Printers.

Taulman t-glase is derived from the strongest PETT polymer combination available in the market. As t-glase is part of the Taulman3D family you can be sure that t-glase is a strong material! Where Taulmans 618 and 645 nylons are quite bendable, t-glase is however a fairly stiff material. When it comes to stiffness/bendability t-glase is more comparable to ABS and PLA, rather than to Taulmans 618 and 645 nylon filaments. Taulman t-glase filament comes in a clear colour, as clear is the natural colour for this type of polymer. When summarising above features the conclusion is that Taulmans t-glase filament is a very clear and tough material and also quite light.

Like PLA filament, t-glase is printed at lower temperatures. The optimal printing temperature for printing with t-glase filament is about 212°C  to 224°C. However it will print down to 207°C  and up to about 235°C. T-glase prints easily to acrylic, glass, Kapton and other platforms. It has excellent bridging features and has very little to zero warpage, which makes it an excellent material for printing large objects. Also nice to know, t-glase prints without any odors or fumes.

T-glase filament comes on a spool with approximately 450 grams of filament wrapped around it and is available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter.

Features of Taulman T-glase filament

  • Taulman t-glase is Manufactured in the U.S.A.;
  • Very High Strength;
  • Optimum printing temperature is about 212°C to 224°C, but will print down to 207°C and up to about 235°C;
  • Taulman t-glase is FDA approved, as t-glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers.  This includes cups and other liquid storage parts as well as utensils;
  • T-glase is recyclable. While t-glase is not biodegradable like PLA, it is however 100% reclaimable in a compatible home filament extruder/maker. If you have a home filament extruder/maker you can actually mix in 12% of the total weight in discarded clear water bottles;
  • Taulman3D t-glases clarity supports industrys requirements for non-destructive evaluation of 3D Printed parts;
  • T-glases very low shrinkage makes printing large flat surfaces a breeze.  And it easily prints to acrylic, glass, Kapton and other platforms;
  • T-glase is very impressive at bridging;
  • There are no odors or fumes when 3D Printing with t-glase.

Tips and Tricks for using Taulman Nylon filament

  • Taulman T-glase has a slightly higher viscosity than other printing materials.  As the layer height exceeds 50% of the nozzle dia, printing speed should be adjusted downward ~10% - 20%;
  • Retraction: due to a slightly higher viscosity, the retraction distance may need to be lengthened;
  • Excessive bubbles in the printed thread are an indication of a higher than required print temperature. Reducing Print temperature below 238C will result in less thread opacity due to recombination with the atmosphere, however this will also reduce bonding in layers exceeding 25% of nozzle diameter;
  • Shrinkage is equal to ABS and can be controlled using garolite (LE) as a print table cover/plate;
  • Heated beds help just as they do for printing with ABS;
  • Note: currently Taulman T-glase measures 1.76mm to 1.83mm dia in a slightly oval shape due to the draw and cooling process. The line cross section is constant, however users should make a slight adjustment to their "Material Diameter" (1.78mm - 1.80mm) settings to accommodate this slight variance.

Product Specifications

Our Taulman t-glase 3D printer filament is wrapped on a plastic spool which contains approximately 0.45Kg of filament. Our Taulman t-glase filaments are packed in a silica sealed bag. Please see below some more details with respect to the weight and dimensions of our Taulman t-glase filaments.

Read more about this new fantastic filament from Taulman on their website below


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Taulman t-glase PETT Clear 1.75mm

Taulman t-glase PETT Clear 1.75mm

Taulman T-Glase PET Co-Polymer

Ttaulman3D has released another high strength material. One for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers. This new material is called t-glase (tee glass) short for tough glass. 

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